Extech RH300 Digital Psychrometer

RH300-CAL: Humidity Calibration Kit

33% and 75% Humidity Calibration Reference

The RH300-CAL is a kit which contains 33% and 75% humidity calibration bottles. Used for verifying calibration of the 445815 humidity meter. Bottles have small opening designed to snuggly fit the remote sensor probe.

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  • Bottles designed with small opening for snugged fit of the sensor
  • Includes 33%RH and 75%RH calibration bottles
Specifications Ranges Max Resolution Basic Accuracy
Humidity 10 to 90%RH 0.1%RH ±3%RH
Temperature (internal) -4 to 122°F (-20 to 50°C) 0.1° ±1°F or ±0.6°C
Temperature (external) -4 to 158°F (-20 to 70°C) 0.1° ±1°F or ±0.6°C
Dew Point -90.4 to 122°F (-68.0 to 49.9°C)
Wet Bulb -6.9 to 122°F (-21.6 to 49.9°C)
Dimensions 7 x 1.9 x 1″ (178.5 x 48.4 x 24.7mm)
Weight 3.3oz (95g)