Find out More FR-345-EST Intelligent Fixed-Mount Skin Temperature Screening Find out More FLIR T540 Professional Thermal Camera to diagnose faults in industrial, electrical, and mechanical systems


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World class training and certification courses for your thermal imager available from the infrared experts at Enemac. Maximize your investment in infrared technology with certification classes that teach the best practices and techniques utilized by professional thermographers everywhere..




We have a range of Battery capacity and Voltage Testers including Extech BT100 and Extech USB200

Environmental Meters

With Extech’s Environmental meters, you can measure Measures Humidity, Temperature, Air Velocity, Light and Sound.

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This eliminates the need for secondary sampling with a toxic vapor analyzer or similar tool.

Gas Detection

Quantitative optical gas imaging (QOGI) system that allows surveyors to measure the leak rates for methane and other hydrocarbons.

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We have equipment suited for One person operation for wire and cable testing in compact and pen-style.

Continuity Testers

We have equipment suited for One person operation for wire and cable testing in compact and pen-style.

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About Us

Enemac provides test and measurement solutions in the Continental Africa. We have partnered with major OEM such as Extech and Flir to offer unmatched products for Engineers.

Our products range from Battery testing solutions, Continuity test products, Airflow meters, Cable tracers, Calibration services, Air Quality meters, Distance meters and so much more.

Enemac Technologies has everything you need for your test and measurement needs

Test and Measurement solutions for various industries.

Fixed Thermal Cameras

Fixed-Mount Thermal Imaging Camera for Condition Monitoring and Early Fire Detection.

Handheld Thermal Cameras

High-Performance Handheld Infrared Cameras that allow users to safely and comfortably assess the condition of critical electrical and mechanical equipment.

IR Thermometers

IR thermometers such as the FLIR TG56 provides non-contact surface temperature readings so you can quickly and easily take measurements in places that are out of reach.

Moisture Meters

IGM technology and a laser pointer isolate the area where you can use the integrated pinless moisture sensor for non-invasive readings or external pin probe for invasive measurements.

We are authorized distributors of Flir Products.